Friday, January 24, 2014

Adventures in Dieting

Goal - to lose about 7-8% Body fat to get some awesome fitness pics! After pics, I'd like to maintain a 19-20% body fat composition.

Right now I weigh 114.5 and I am 25% body fat.  I'm in a moderately lean category.  I can definitely lose some fat for overall health benefits.

I've tried calorie counting to lose fat, and it's a BEAST!  For one thing, I am hypothyroid...  I do take medication and supplements for it, but I still feel like it is really sensitive for some reason.  I feel like when I reduce calories, my body just matches the calories in energy.  I feel tired during the day. Bleah..

The other thing is that this is a pretty comfortable weight for me.  I think my body is used to being this weight.  It's definitely a healthy weight for sure for my size, but having a desire to achieve a more athletic, toned, look...  I definitely have too much fat on my body (especially my lower half) for my muscles to show up. 

The calorie counting has been really irritating and frustrating, and I just hate being so tired.  So.. I'm trying a new approach.

My doctor, Dr. Dan Pompa, wants me on what he calls the "Cellular Healing Diet" for my health problems.  It's also supposed to be great for weight loss as well.. score!  Hopefully it will work.  

It's essentially a very clean, low toxin, lower glycemic, anti-inflammation diet.  It's a very high fat diet... probably about a 50-60% fat diet! But the fat comes from very clean sources, grass-fed meat, whole raw nuts, seeds, nut butters, coconut oil, grass-fed butter & cheeses, olive oils, avocados, salmon, coconut milk.. NO unnatural fats

Nope.. it's not a typical low carb or "Atkins like" diet..  here's an explanation.

And here's a few great guide for the diet specifics:

So I'm going to be tracking my progress over the next few months!  I will most likely lose a good 5-6 lbs just in water I'm guessing.  So I'm pretty realistic that some of the weight will be water.  But the good thing about getting your body fat tested, is you can track your progress with actual fat loss. Awesome!

I've already begun the diet, and I'll start recording my diet specifics, and I will take pictures weekly.